With The One Ring I thee wed…

One of my colleagues got married recently and was talking about the music at his wedding. This, along with a program on the BBC about film scores, brought to mind a moment from my own wedding that I don’t think I’ve even told Dawn about.

I wasn’t allowed very many nerdy touches to our wedding, but I did manage to at least slip a couple of them into our choice of music for the ceremony (though I failed to talk her round to the epic Wedding March/Star Wars bait and switch that I put together). In addition to a short piece from Battlestar Galactica as we walked out (which only two people recognised and it made one of them cry), and the Princess Bride theme while we were signing the register, I also managed to get May It Be by Enya (from Lord of the Rings) as the music to be played while people were sitting down before the ceremony.

Now, it’s a longish song (not prog rock long, but a good five minutes or so), but apparently Dawn was moving at typical bridal pace, so we reached the end of it before she was ready to enter. This caused a couple of issues… firstly, they had to play the song again (I’d assumed that we would only sit down when Dawn was ready, so one song would be enough) and secondly, I’d forgotten that, being part of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, it segued into thirty seconds of rousing orchestral score at the end, which sounded a bit weird in a wedding context.

Things quickly started to look more concerning as we approached the end of the song again and I realised we were going to get more orchestra and a third playing, but then I spotted motion at the back of the room… Dawn had arrived… the song was winding down… Dawn was about to walk in… she was going to walk in at the exactly moment that we got the main Lord of the Rings theme blasting out… it was going to be the greatest wedding entrance ever…

… and then the chap in charge of the CD switched over to Air on a G String as planned. (I’m 99% sure that’s what was played as Dawn walked down the aisle… I’m also 100% sure that Dawn doesn’t remember, as she’s not a classical music fan, so I’m fairly safe.)

As a final note, while this may have been a great moment that never happened, in the event that we do some sort of renewal of vows after ten years, I’m definitely bribing the registrar to start the proceedings with “Mawwaige…”

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