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Nathanael’s Scale of Plot Twistery

Pretty much everyone loves a good plot twist and, by extension, pretty much everyone hates a bad one. However, how do you distinguish one from the other… what quality elevates a bad twist and makes it good. Clearly this topic … Continue reading

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Top 5 movie stars

If I were to pick my top five actors/actresses based on pure talent, it would probably be a fairly safe list and not that interesting, so here is a list of movie stars that I like for non-talent related reasons. … Continue reading

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Why I liked World War Z

It turns out that one advantage of flying long distances in business class is that I can catch up on films that I didn’t get chance to see at the cinema; today I watched Prometheus and World War Z, and … Continue reading

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With The One Ring I thee wed…

One of my colleagues got married recently and was talking about the music at his wedding. This, along with a program on the BBC about film scores, brought to mind a moment from my own wedding that I don’t think … Continue reading

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