I’m still here…

Hello loyal readers,

It’s been a week since I wrote anything on here and I don’t really have any excuse. I could pretend that I’ve been busy saving the world, curing cancer or protesting against greedy corporations (all of which are arguably true, given some context), but mainly I’ve just not been inspired by any topics over the last week or so.

Part of the problem is that I find it extremely difficult to just sit down, choose a topic and start writing. There is an experiment I once heard described (though experiment might be too strong a term), where you ask someone to make up a pair of children’s stories on the spot. First you just ask them to make up a (coherent) story, which a lot of people will struggle to do off the top of their head; next you ask them to make up a story about, for example, a dog that lives in a tree, which far more people will successfully manage. The purpose of the experiment is to show that introducing some restrictions can actually make people more creative, as it’s easier to work within a lightly defined space than in a completely open space where anything is fair game. This is very much like my own issue; given everything in the world to write about, I have a hard time settling on anything.

In the pre-blog past, my most successful writing has tended to come from one of two sources. The first is fairly straightforward, I simply ask people for topics to discuss; my friends are generally quite good at suggesting whimsical topics that play to my strengths and it gives me that defined space in which to work.
The second approach I have to writing is far harder to pin down because most of it happens in the back of my mind. I’ll catch a snippet of something that either sounds a bit weird in itself or doesn’t make sense when I’ve missed the context, my mind will immediately start extrapolating ridiculous conclusions or scenarios based on the starting point, then at some point (often on a drive to or from work), I’ll condense it down to something that I can type out. This usually results in my best writing, but is a completely unreliable way of working to any sort of schedule.

[On that subject, I came across this line in an article from the Independent: “Further sightings of the false widow spider, Britain’s most venomous arachnid, are raising fears following reports that the spider is heading north”… which makes it sound like the spider is driving up with M1 with police in pursuit or something. Definitely a future topic for this blog.]

Anyway, all of this is my way of saying, “I’ve not disappeared, I’m just waiting for inspirational lightning to strike… and if you want anything sooner, I’m taking requests.”

Oh, and for those who were wondering… here is some context.
I’ve played quite a bit of Elder Sign recently (the original game and the iPad version) and stopped the world from being overrun by eldritch abominations on a number of occasions.
My day job (broadly speaking) is finding a cure for cancer (though I think we’re supposed to refer to it as “treating” cancer, since it doesn’t have a “cure”).
I have been engaged in a one man protest against the King corporation, by slowly making my way through Candy Crush without linking to Facebook, bugging friends for lives or spending any money on it whatsoever.

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One Response to I’m still here…

  1. Helen says:

    You’ll never succeed against candy crush, it sucks you in! You’ll reach a point where you can only continue if you have a “ticket” which means money or help from friends. It’s a cunning ploy!

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