Jamie’s Patronising Meals

Last night I watched an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Money Saving Meals, which is his attempt to show the poor of Britain how to cook well for less. This program has caused a fair bit of controversy here, but I can’t really see why; I actually thought it was a very informative program and I learned a lot about poor people.

1) Poor people have huge families – Given that all his recipes seem to save money by buying in bulk, I can assume the average poor family has around six or seven children.

2) Poor people have jars of pickled jalapenos in their cupboards – Presumably they use them to deaden their tastebuds, so that cheap food doesn’t taste as bad.

3) Poor people respond well to hyperbole – This is the only reasonable explanation for the fact that Jamie used the word “literally” in pretty much every sentence (not literally every sentence… but not far off).

4) Poor people would save money if they stopped throwing away so many fresh herbs – This is a constant problem for poor people, I believe.

5) Poor people have well equipped kitchens – I’m not poor and yet I don’t have a food processor, but presumably Jamie has done his research on this one.

See… very informative. I also learned that Jamie Oliver is a pillock, but I’m not sure that was one of his intended messages.

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