The Cake Conundrum

My son will be turning one in just over a month and I have been tasked with making a birthday cake for him. I say “tasked”… “challenged” might be the better word, as my wife is also making one and apparently it has become a competition.
Baking a cake is not inherently a problem for me, as I’m perfectly capable and enjoy being in the kitchen; my concern is how to decorate the cake in a way that will both satisfy my nerdy side, but still secure victory over my wife (the victor will be judged by our collective Facebook friends). I have had a couple of ideas, but each has its pros and cons:

Pacman cake
Pros – Requires me to eat a large slice of the cake to achieve correct shape.
Cons – Not really that impressive, so unlikely to win.

Cthulhu cake
Pros – Would look excellent if done well.
Cons – Hard to do well.

Nerdy maths cake
Pros – Nerdy maths.
Cons – Already vetoed by wife.

Cacakake (a cake, stuffed in a cake, stuffed in a cake… a wheat based turducken, if you like)
Pros – Totally awesome.
Cons – Totally ridiculous.

As you can see, this is no easy task, but I intend to rise to the challenge and become cake-baking champion of the Cockburn household.

[Incidentally, I already hold the title for cake-eating champion of the Cockburn household, at least in the absolute weight category. My son holds the title in the relative weight category after eating an entire adult-sized brownie (and a large one, at that) in the pub a few weeks ago.]

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