Top five RPGs I’d like to play

I’ve played quite a few roleplaying games over the years… some classics and some slightly less well known. However, there are still a great many that I haven’t played, so here are the top ones I’d love to give a try some time.

1) Numenera – A very recent one that I’ve talked about previously on here. It has a number of concepts and mechanics that I’ve not encountered before, which would be enough reason to give it a try, even without it being an awesome setting.

2) Deadlands Noir – I’ve been playing Deadlands Reloaded for the last couple of years or so and the new Deadlands Noir game looks like an excellent progression. (Strangely, I’ve never been particularly interested in Deadlands: Hell on Earth… it just doesn’t grab me like the other two.)

3) Call of Cthulhu – I know a fair bit about this game (as a lot of geeks do), but have never actually played it. I enjoy the Cthulhu mythos and I’d really like to give the a go one day.

4) Shambles – From one of the big ones, to a relative unknown… I got this RPG as part of a charity bundle a few years back. It’s a game about zombies trying to get on with the previous lives, played for comedy. Not something I’d ever play long term, but I’d love to run it as a one shot sometime.

5) Spycraft or something similar – I’ve never played a decent mission-based spy game (except once, in a 24 hour long one shot) and I think I’d quite enjoy a short campaign set around planning and executing missions, where every character has a distinct niche within the group.

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