Candy Crush… a review of sorts

Over the last few months, I have repeatedly heard about a game called Candy Crush… and by “heard about”, I mean that Facebook keeps telling me that my friends have completed a level, gained a life, punched an otter or whatever else the game seems to offer up. Eventually, my curiosity was sufficiently piqued that I downloaded the iPad app and had a go myself.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I actually enjoyed the game or not. I bashed through the first ten levels in about fifteen minutes and got three stars on each of them; presumably the levels get harder and it’s not just an endurance test to see how long you can move little candies around before you crack and break out the Haribo (though that would be an impressive marketing scheme).

What mystified me was how I got three stars on some of the levels. I would clear all the jelly (for that was apparently my task) with ten or so moves left over and then suddenly things would start exploding, all my remaining moves disappeared, a bunch of fish appeared out of nowhere and devoured half the screen and magically my score went through the roof. I also won some lollipops, which the game didn’t explain what to do with, so I just ignored them.

Overall, I spent most of my time without a clue what was going on and I probably won’t be going back for more… much like my continuum mechanics class at uni, but without the exam at the end. (I assume there’s no exam at the end… maybe that’s actually the final level.)

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