My beard, a review

I’d been considering getting a beard for quite some time, but never quite found the right gap in my calendar that would allow me to really get to grips with it, what with books that need reading and programming languages that need learning and so on. However, an upcoming fancy dess opportunity gave me an excuse to commit and get myself one for a three week trial.

I decided to go for a sort of goatee model, though I also got a moustache to go along with it… if you’re going to go for these things, you might as well have all the accessories. I will say that it took a bit of getting used to for the first week or so, setting it up how I wanted it and that sort of thing, but once it was bedded in, I did find it quite manly and exciting.

However, just recently, I have noticed a couple of issues that mar an otherwise excellent product. Firstly, I went for the wrong colour; I don’t know why I chose a ginger one, but it was a mistake. Secondly, I can now feel it constantly on my face; the manual suggests that I’ll get used to this feeling after a while, but I think it’s a bug that should probably be worked out up front.

Overall, it’s not a terrible product and I imagine some people would get on with it, but I’m going to be returning it after the weekend and probably won’t be getting another for a while.

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