A dark and mysterious box

It’s not often that an iPad game gets me really enthusiastic. Don’t get me wrong, I have my favourites and I’ll make recommendations to anyone that asks, but I see most iPad games as mild diversions (which most of them probably are). However, I’ve been playing one recently that merits a stronger recommendation… The Room, by Fireproof Games.
I actually played this a while back, but they recently updated it with an epilogue (at least partly as a plug for the sequel that is apparently on its way), so that’s why it’s currently on my mind. Although it’s called The Room, the focus of the game is actually on the sole object in the room, an intricate cabinet with drawers, buttons and secret compartments, most of which are accessed by solving mechanical puzzles and locks in other parts of it. The puzzles themselves are not generally that hard if you enjoy that sort of thing, although I occasionally found myself reaching for the hint button when I’d overlooked some subtle clue; however the presentation of the puzzles is absolutely gorgeous and this is where the game comes into its own. Though nominally a puzzle game, it is really an exploration of a piece of fantastic (in the original sense of the word) engineering, with snippets of backstory and the occasional easter egg that will make you feel smart for spotting the reference.
There is a small cost (currently £0.69 on the app store) and one could argue that it’s not as good value for money as some apps, probably only giving two or three hours of gameplay, but I personally thought it was worth the pennies. I’ll admit it’s probably not for everyone, but if you enjoy puzzles and/or looking at awesome furniture, you should give it a go.

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