Needs more anything

Around the middle of May, I made some civil war hard tack, just to see what it was like. After baking it, I left it out to dry for a week, while I went on holiday. Upon returning, I found it had hardened until it had roughly the texture of a brick. I tried a small piece, using the approach of leaving it a mug of tea for twenty minutes to soften up, which is apparently what they did at the time; it was edible, if not exactly pleasant.
The hard tack has now been sitting in a cookie jar for three months, so I’m keen to see if it improves or worsens with age. According to my reading, it should be pretty much exactly the same as it was when “fresh” (this being the entire reason it was invented). It certainly hasn’t gone mouldy, which is a promising sign.

** Twenty minutes later **

Yep… pretty much the same as before; you wouldn’t want to eat it out of choice, but I’m sure it would keep you going if the alternative was going outside to face the zombie hoards. I shall see what it’s like in a few months, in the interests of science.

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