Top 5 movie chases

No special agenda here… just my top 5 movie chase scenes, in no particular order (I’m quite willing to accept arguments as to why they might be wrong, with the possible exception of the first).

Raiders of the Lost Ark – “What truck?”
An oldie, but a goody… in my opinion, the scene where Indy chases down the Nazi convoy and recovers the ark is not just one of the greatest movie chases, but one of the greatest movie scenes of all time. The back and forth of who has the upper hand is perfectly balanced and a prime example of what an adventure film should be like.

Matrix Reloaded – Freeway chase
I feel a bit bad including this in the list, as the film itself was fairly appalling, but I do feel that the scene on the freeway raised the bar when it comes to stunts and CGI in chase scenes.

District 13 – Leito escapes the apartment building
In the last few years, increasing use of parkour in films has shown that foot chases can be just as exciting as car chases, which is why this makes the list. (I was tempted to go for Casino Royale as a better known reference, but District 13 was excellent and deserves the mention.)

Blues Brothers – Race back to and through Chicago
I could easily have chosen the chase through the mall from earlier in the film, but felt that the later chase deserved the placing for sheer over-the-top comedy value.

The Bourne Identity – Chase through Paris
A perfect counterpoint to the crazy James Bond chases of the period; Bourne checks a map, enquires about the handling of the car and then outruns the Paris police without needing gadgets or gunfire… a very slick little scene.

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2 Responses to Top 5 movie chases

  1. Jez says:

    How can you omit the chase seen in The Wrong Trousers?

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