Wait… why am I here again?

I was thinking about Heroes (the TV series) the other day; specifically about the speedster woman, who’s name I can’t remember (the one that Matt hooked up with). It occurred to me that there is an issue with the whole speedster concept that I’ve not seen explored before (though it presumably has been somewhere… I have no illusions that I’m the first to ever consider this).

The issue is this… when Heroes Speedster Chick is running flat out (and this isn’t limited to her – the Flash and others have the same issue), her perception of time also needs to adjust in order for her to be able to react to approaching objects, read passing signposts and such like. This is demonstrated when [minor spoiler] Hiro ‘stops time’ and it simply brings her down to regular human speed and reactions, suggesting that this is pretty much how she experiences time when travelling at super speed.

What no one seems to consider is that, while this is a good way to make sense of how speedsters don’t simply wipe out on the first obstacle in their path, it means that when they do their super cross-country sprints… DAPHNE! Her name was Daphne!… it may only take moments from everyone else’s viewpoint, but from the speedster’s perspective, they literally have to run across the entire country in normal time. I suspect that most speedsters also have the secondary powers of “immunity to boredom” and “really good memory”. (Ok, why did I just run down to Philidelphia? Supervillain or sandwich?)

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