I’m a mathematician, so let’s start this blog with an equation. (Fear not, soon-to-be-loyal readers… it will be many moons before you see another).

at = C

a = Isaac’s age
t = The amount of spare time I have
C = A constant (the C is capitalised because the constant is unlikely to be the speed of light, even if the units did work out… which they don’t)

As we can see from the equation, as Isaac gets older, my spare time reduces; a similar equation exists with T replaced by M (Money). With these equations in mind, I can no longer justify maintaining a website that costs me money and that I don’t have time to update, so will become vacant some time in November (and will likely remain so indefinitely, as I don’t imagine there’s another Nathanael Cockburn out there waiting to take it over).

However, I do occasionally have thoughts that may be of interest to some and that can’t be expressed in less that 140 characters (Twitter) or the third person (Facebook). With that in mind, I have decided to start a blog… this blog, in fact (I’ve not just set up a blog to announce that I’m starting a different one).

Updates will be irregular, but hopefully not infrequent, so watch this space.

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